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What does this site do?
No is a translator similar to those offered by Google or AltaVista with one major difference: We don't translate language, we translate slang and acronyms.

You know, those weird acronyms your kids use; things like lol, idk, rotflmfao, bbiab, and those stupid alternate spellings like kewl, dood, ur, and thanx. We hate those, and have made it our life's goal to educate people about proper grammar.

Ever tried to read your son or daughter's Live Journal, MySpace, Twitter, Facebook, or text messages and had such a hard time understanding them that you had to stop after only a few sentences? Not anymore, just copy and paste it into No and we'll tell you what the heck they're talking about. You'll never be made fun of on instant messanger, or IRC ever again; plus you'll be able to impress your kids by speaking their language.

Who started this site?
No was started in 2005 by Ryan Jones after talking to relatives on AOL Instant Messenger and not being able to understand a damn thing they were typing. After much research (and free child labor) he compiled a large database of slang terms, and continues to add new ones every day. Ryan's also a pretty good programmer and has used NoSlang's database in some other projects. other sites using NoSlang's technology in reverse to shorten text include: - a URL & Text Shortner & TextSendr - free online texting.

You're missing some slang d00d.
Found a word that we're missing? Great! Let us know about it. Use our New Slang Submission Form and help us grow our slang and acronym database. We know it's hard to keep up with all the acronyms and slang out there, and we greatly appreciate your help.

How do I link to a specific definition?
It would be convient to send somebody directly to the definition of a word wouldn't it? Well, you could use our Slang Search and link to that or you could do it the l33t way! Just link to (where L is the letter and word is the word). Example: you would link to the definition of dnrtfa with

Why wasn't my submisison accepted?
We love submissions! Keep them coming. Unfortunately, we don't have the time to spell check or correct any submissions. To increase the chance of your submission getting accepted, please follow these guidelines:

  1. Make sure it's spelled correctly
  2. Make sure it's internet, im, or chat related
  3. Make sure it's not a real word. While WOW means "world of warcraft", it's also a real word.
  4. We also don't accept alternates for our "adult filter".
  5. Make sure it's the most common usage. Dr may mean "dear", but in conversation it most likely means "doctor"

Can I use your database in my application?
While our database is mostly user submitted, we do put many hours of hard work into maintaining and updating it. Currently, we do not allow unauthorized usage of our slang dictionary. If you have an idea for a neat way to use our slang database, please contact Ryan (ryan at noslang dot com) and let him know. He'll be more than happy to try to accomodate you.

What about reprinting your articles?
Yes. Articles may be syndicated or re-printed with permission. Simply Email Ryan (ryan at noslang dot com) with the name and URL of the site it will appear on, and he will give you a small bio to include with the article.

Where's the reverse translator?
We can build it, we have the technology... we just choose not to. The internet is already way too unreadable, and we'd rather not add to the problem. Instead, we focus solely on promoting proper English online. If you really must make yourself sound retarded though, you can use Lucas Longley's English-to-12-Year-Old-AOLer Translator. Also, if you're looking to save space in text messages, we recently implemented a reverse translator on TextSendr and we're working on a URL & text shortener to help you hit your Twitter limit called Tiny.Tw

A website validator?
Sure! Why not? Our website validator will examine the text of your web page looking for internet slang or acronyms and automatically provide replacement suggestions. If your site is 100% slang free, you'll be given the HTML code for our button so you can show your visitors. It looks great on your livejournal too!

I have a question, comment or suggestion.
We're always looking for ways to improve our service, and we've got many new features planned for the near future. If you have a way to improve the site, please let us know. You can contact Ryan via email at: ryan at noslang dot com

Where can I learn more about slang?
There are a good deal of resources listed on our Netspeak Guide that deal with the internet and slang. Check it out, you'll find links to helpful sites like Abbreviationz or NetLingo. Have a suggestion for a good resource? Send it in and we'll try to link it. We're always interested in swapping links with related websites.

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