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Slang Quiz part 2: It gets a bit harder now.
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a)  Let's Meet For Real
b)  Lower Miami Fire and Rescue
c)  Looking For More
d)  Let Me Freaking Read.

a)  Slow As Sh*t
b)  Someone Looking Over Shoulder
c)  Standard Level Of Service
d)  So Long Old Slut

3. GTG
a)  Gravy Tastes Good
b)  Go To Ground
c)  Gay Tag
d)  Got To Go

4. BF
a)  Best Friend
b)  Battlefield
c)  Boyfriend
d)  Bad Food

5. Warez
a)  Where Is
b)  Pirated Software
c)  Clothes
d)  Jewelry

6. pwnt
a)  Parent Watching, Not Tonight.
b)  Password Not Taken
c)  Playing With New Toy
d)  Owned

7. ASL
a)  American Sign Language
b)  Abitrary Small Length
c)  Age, Sex, Location
d)  A Stupid Lady

8. PAH
a)  Father (pa)
b)  Parents Are Home
c)  Pulminary Artial Hypertension
d)  People Are Helping

a)  Flip Off A Fag
b)  Friend Of A Friend
c)  For Our Amusement Friend
d)  This Doesn't Mean Anything.

10. JFGI
a)  Just Friends, Got It?
b)  Just Freaking Go For It
c)  Just For Girls Information
d)  Just Freaking Google It

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