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Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "tt"

attn :
attotp :
At The Time Of This Post
bettr :
bmttveot :
best mates till the very end of time
bogsatt :
bunch of guys sitting around the table
btdtgtts :
Been there, done that, got the T-shirt
bttt :
been there, tried that
bttyl :
be talking to you later
butterface :
every thing is hot but her face
ctt :
change the topic
cyntott :
see you next time on Tech Today
dbafwtt :
Don't Be A Fool Wrap The Tool
dttm :
don't talk to me
dttml :
don't talk to me loser
dttpou :
Don't tell the police on us
dttriaa :
don't tell the RIAA
fttp :
for the time being
gotta :
got to
gttp :
get to the point
gtty :
good talking to you
http :
hyper text transfer protocol
ifttt :
if this then that
ihtgttbwijd :
I have to go to the bathroom, wait I just did.
inttwmf :
I am Not Typing This With My Fingers
irhtgttbr :
I really have to go to the bathroom
itt :
in this thread
ittif :
I think that is fine
jttsiowctw :
just testing to see if other websites copy this word
jtty :
just to tell you
kitteh :
ilyttmab :
i love you to the moon and back
latwttb :
laughing all the way to the bank
lthtt :
laughing too hard to type
lttpot :
laughing to the point of tears
ntstt :
not safe to talk
ntt :
need to talk
ntta :
nothing to talk about
nttawwt :
Not that there is anything wrong with that
nttiawwt :
Not that there is anything wrong with that.
ntty :
nice talking to you
nuttin :
osbutctt :
only sad b*****ds use this crappy text talk
ott :
over the top
outta :
out of
stt :
Same time tomorrow
tgsttttptct :
thank God someone took the time to put this crap together
tmtt :
tell me the truth
tt4n :
ta ta for now
ttbc :
Try to be cool
ttbomk :
to the best o fmy knowledge
ttc :
text the cell
ttf :
that\'s too funny
ttfaf :
Through the Fire and Flames
ttfn :
ta ta for now
ttg :
Time to go
tthb :
try to hurry back
ttihlic :
try to imagine how little i care
ttiuwiop :
this thread is useless without pics
ttiuwop :
this thread is useless without pics
ttiuwp :
This Thread Is Useless Without Pictures
ttiwwop :
This thread is worthless without pics
ttiwwp :
this thread is worthless without pics
ttl :
ttlly :
ttly :
ttm :
talk to me
ttml :
talk to me later
ttmn :
Talk to me now
ttms :
talking to myself
ttr :
time to run
ttrf :
That's the rules, f**ker
tts :
text to speech
ttt :
to the top
ttth :
Talk To The Hand
tttt :
to tell the truth
ttul :
Talk To You Later
ttul8r :
Talk to you later
ttus :
talk to you soon
ttut :
Talk to you Tomorrow
ttutt :
to tell you the truth
tty :
Talk to You
ttya :
Thanks to you all
ttyab :
Talk to you after breakfast
ttyad :
Talk to you after Dinner
ttyal :
Talk to you after lunch
ttyas :
talk to you at school
ttyiam :
talk to you in a minute
ttyitm :
talk to you in the morning
ttyl :
talk to you later
ttyl2 :
Talk to you later too
ttyl8r :
talk to you later
ttylo :
talk to you later on
ttylt :
talk to you later today
ttyn :
talk to you never
ttyna :
talk to you never again
ttynl :
talk to you never loser
ttynw :
talk to you next week
ttyo :
talk to you online
ttyob :
tend to your own business
ttyotp :
talk to you on the phone
ttyrs :
talk to you really soon
ttys :
talk to you soon
ttyt :
talk to you tomorrow
ttytm :
talk to you tomorrow
ttytt :
to tell you the truth
ttyw :
talk to you whenever
ttywl :
Talk to you way later
twttr :
uttm :
you talking to me?
waysttm :
why are you still talking to me
wduwtta :
what do you want to talk about
wdywtta :
what do you want to talk about
wdywttab :
What do you want to talk about
wtfruttd :
what the f**k are you trying to do
wtt :
want to trade
wttp :
want to trade pictures?
wuwtta :
what you want to talk about
wuwttb :
What you want to talk about
wywtta :
What you want to talk about

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