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Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "ms"

ams :
Ask me something
amsp :
ask me something personal
cms :
content management system
dgms :
Don't get me started
DMs :
Direct Messages
fmsh :
f**k me so hard
foms :
fell off my seat
gtgmmiloms :
got to go my mum is looking over my shoulder
hwms :
hot wild monkey sex
ijpms :
I just pissed myself
ilms :
I love my self
imsb :
i am so bored
imsry :
I am sorry
Iwtkms :
I want to kill myself
jms :
just making sure
kms :
Kill myself
kmsl :
killing myself laughing
kmswl :
killing myself with laughter
kyms :
keep your mouth shut
l2ms :
laughing to myself
lms :
leave me some
lmsao :
laughing my sexy ass off
lmso :
laughing my socks off
lpms :
life pretty much sucks
lqtms :
Laughing quietly to myself
lrqtms :
laughing really quietly to myself
lshiwms :
laughing so hard I wet myself
lshmson :
laughing so hard milk shot out nose
ltms :
Laughing to my self
msf :
male seeking female
msg :
msgs :
msh :
Me so horny
msibo :
my side is busting open
msie :
microsoft's internet explorer
msm :
main stream media
msmd :
monkey see - monkey do
msngr :
mssg :
mstrb8r :
msv :
Microsoft Vista
plams :
parents looking at my screen
ploms :
parent looking over my shoulder
pmsfl :
Pissed Myself f**king Laughing
pmsl :
piss my self laughing
poms :
parent over my shoulder
psbms :
parent standing by my side
pwoms :
parent watching over my shoulder
rmso :
Rock My socks off
rtfms :
Read The f**king Manual Stupid
smst :
somebody missed snack time
tms :
that makes sense
tmsaisti :
That's my story and I'm sticking to it.
tmsg :
tell me something good
tmsidk :
tell me somthing I don't know
ttms :
talking to myself
twyms :
that's what your mom said
uhems :
you hardly ever make sense
urms :
you rock my socks
txtms :
text me soon
yrms :
You Rock My Socks

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