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Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "ab"

1ab :
aabf :
as a best friend
abd :
Already Been Done
abend :
absent by enforced net deprivation
abft :
About f**king Time
aboot :
abreev :
absnt :
abt :
abwt :
atab :
Ain't That A b***h
aybab2m :
all your base are belong 2 me
aybab2u :
All your base are belong to us
aybabtg :
All Your Base Are Belong To Google
aybabtu :
all your base are belong to us
bab :
Big ass Boobs
babi :
bbiab :
be back in a bit
biab :
back in a bit
bytabm :
beat you to a bloody mess
dbab :
don't be a b***h
dgypiab :
don't get your panties in a bunch
eabod :
eat a bag of dicks
fab :
floabt :
for lack of a better term
gmab :
give me a break
gmabj :
give me a blowjob
habt :
how about this
iab :
I Am Bored
ianabs :
I am not a brain surgeon
ijsabomomcibstg :
I just saved a bunch of money on my car insurance by switching to geico
ilylab :
I love you like a brother
ilylabf :
I love you like a best friend
ilyttmab :
i love you to the moon and back
llab :
Laughing like a b***h.
lshifabmh :
Laughing so hard I fell and broke my hip
lulab :
Love you like a brother
lyaab :
Love you as a brother
lylab :
love you like a brother
lylaba :
love you like a brother always
mabby :
mabe :
Pab :
p***y ass b***h
piab :
panties in a bunch
rotflaviab :
rolling on the floor laughing and vomiting in a bucket
ruabog :
are you a boy or girl
ruagoab :
are you a girl or a boy
sab :
slap a b***h
soab :
son of a btch
stfuysoab :
shut the f**k up you son of a b***h
suabq :
shut up and be quiet
Suiab :
See you in a bit
supposably :
syiab :
see you in a bit
ttyab :
Talk to you after breakfast
ufab :
ugly fat ass b***h
uhab :
you have a blog
ursab :
you are such a b***h
uyab :
up your ass b***h
wab :
what a b***h
wdywttab :
What do you want to talk about
wuwtab :
what do you want to talk about
yaab :
You are a b***h
ysoab :
You son of a b***h

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